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Traveling via car, bus, plane, or train. Each will get me to various places. Yes, but at different speeds and with different stress levels. Cars, of course, will get me to the door, but then I have to worry about my own driving and the other drivers on the road and also the parking of the vehicle! Very stressful but they have their uses! Buses are too cramped and probably the least of my choices. Planes, definitely will get me to the destination the quickest but is high stress level for me. Also, do not like the security checks (except, I do believe they are needed these days).

TRAIN travel is so very very enjoyable. To be able to sit and read, or knit, or just look around and chat or not is so easy when riding on a train.  Our family has used this mode of travel several times over the years. I especially liked it when our boys where young. We could get up and walk about when necessary.  Then we could return to our seat or room or use a table in the lounge car to play games or do art work that we brought along for the kids.

I now have made four trips across country on AMTRAK with my granddaughter. I’m ready for another trip!

Train travel was and can be so relaxing and enjoyable.

Empire Builder, Arriving Vancouver, WA USA, 2009
2009 - Empire Builder

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