Please excuse as I learn the differences between pages and categories and ???


Then under each of these there will be a break down such as Crafting, Knitting, Sewing, Quilting under HOBBIES page.  I will test my thoughts on this to see if I can actually get this to work out correctly.  If not, my site will again be redone>>>

🙂    Anyone wanting to give me simple explanation or the correct link to connect to or what I should do to accomplish this please feel free to help.  I do go to the help page, but sometimes it is just too overwhelming or I just start going from one thing to another (think I am trying to do too much at one time)

as of Feb 12, 2011…I have just changed the page name from RAMBLINGS to MISCELLANEOUS… wrote new plans today in a draft post… changed this to a draft post also… not really sure what that means…but will figure it out soon, I hope.

as of May 16… MISC back to Ramblings… I like the sound of “MY RAMBLINGS”

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