VARIETY in KNITTING – Stitches, Yarns & Needles

I love to knit and often think about knitting so thought I’d just jot a little about this hobby that I enjoy so much…

the variety of stitches is just mind boggling. It is so amazing to see the different patterns and such a variety with just the simple knit and purl stitch.

The vocabulary of knitting is very interesting.  There are so many terms: cast on, cast off, stitches, knit, purl, twisted, turned, knit together, purl together,  yarn overs, skip, slip overs, pick-up, bind off, cable (I love cables), decreases, increases, left and right slanted increases and decreases, and more.  I pick up more each time I try a new pattern.  It’s such a great feeling to learn a new stitch pattern and see the end result.

Oh, did I mention the yarns!  Wow, the different types of yarn.  I am learning so much about wools. I’ve only tried a few but as I knit and meet with others I see the variety of yarns and the variety of pretty colors.  I also feel the difference when knitting with synthetics vs wool yarns.  It seems easier to use the wools.

Needles used to be straight only.  Today there are needles with cables attached or inter-exchangeable needles,  double pointed needles, wood needles, plastic, and metal needles.   I like the metals ones the best, but wood is ok especially when I want a yarn to not slip too easily.

Reading about yarn types, needles types, stitches, patterns and how people knit is so interesting and educational.  I especially liked reading books written by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Her writings are so motivating to me.



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