My name is Vicki and I love being busy. Each project and activity I do is enjoyable

and rewarding. Projects and activities can range from knitting, to reading, to writing,

to rearranging furniture, to walking, to traveling and more. Any of these various things

might pop up at any time and does keep me active.

At 62, I live with my husband of 40 years. Together we raised our two sons and now

have a daughter-in-law and one grandchild. I am a retired RN that has also worked in

various areas (retail, customer service, ad making & typesetting, child care, and


After growing up in Ohio, I went to nursing school and worked in Washington, D.C.;

married in Great Falls, VA and lived in Alexandria, VA before moving to Picayune, MS.

Then after experiencing Katrina in 2005, my husband and I made repairs to our

house, sold it, and decided to move to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to my family.

We arrived May 2006.

I like VARIETY and lots of it, but I realize I need to organize and set goals. Blogging

is a great way to help me accomplish this. Here in January 2011, I have decided to start;

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. It will take a while to get into a routine of sitting

long enough to write, but I WILL DO IT.

My present #1 goal is to write something at least once a week; goal #2 is to study,

learn, and work to improve my blog site periodically.


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