Making a Quilt with EQ5 – – my new challenge!

It’s been years since I’ve used my EQ5 software to help me plan a quilt layout. I’m very excited to once again learn how to use this program. I took some time this AM and started to re-learn how it works. Today, glanced over info in the books and also view the videos for a short and quick learning sessions. I will continue to do a little more each day with a goal of making and finishing a quilt for my granddaughter within the next 2-3 months.

Want to make a simple (not busy or cluttered look) music themed quilt. It will be one with music notes and various signs such as the treble and bass clifs, sharp and flat signs, lines, bars, rests, and whatever would look nice on a black and white twin sized quilt.

to be continued ………………………..

As of August 18…          I’ve been re-learning and practicing how to use the EQ5 program. Neat! I’ve also been viewing different quilt block patterns in hopes of finding the right block pattern to make the music quilt. I’ve bought different materials with musical designs on each… I’m beginning to think I’ve bought too much of the dark and not enough light or white… haven’t decided on block size… want plain but also think of different pieced blocks such as a windmill… believe I will work on a 9-patch block with possibly making some of the smaller squares of the 9-patch into triangles…  I’ve found some blocks in various books (waiting to get from library) with the following names:  Windmill; Happy Home; 4-leaf clover; want to find more… I like these blocks and they would be good as 12″ to 15″ squares to be alternately spaced with a plain color… I hope to get the books from library ASAP and need to make a decision on which blocks to use as I need to start CUTTING.

While I wait for the books, will try designing my own block squares using EQ5. If I can figure out how to copy and paste, I will post my work to show what I have done and what I am trying to make…

to be continued ………………………..

August 29, 2012   ….. UPDATE w/ picture



I’m using my portable temporary design wall for the first time!  

Most of the music and 4-patch blocks are finished and now I am viewing them all together. At this point I’ve rearranged several times trying to decide which look better.


I’ve made my decision! I started sewing once again and now each of the 12-inch blocks are sewn together along with the first border.  MORE TO COME!



7 thoughts on “Making a Quilt with EQ5 – – my new challenge!”

  1. I would like to make this music quilt for my daughter. I have all the supplies. Do you have directions? All I can see is the blocks are 12″ Can you tell me the size of the borders. Especially the green strips. How wide did you cut them?

  2. Hi Sherrie, I believe the green sashings are cut 2 1/2″ to have 2″ between each block. I don’t remember what width I made the borders. I think I cut wide ones and then judged what looked best and then squared & trimmed to what I thought best.
    Please post your finished quilt, I’d love to see it .

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