My Traveling Updates #5

Today… June 22… Packing day!

On my drive over to Adam’s place I decided to stop at TJMax to find a bathing suit, mine is totally unusable! $25 sale on bathing suits, can’t beat that… I found a couple I liked, but decided to just get one.

Once at my destination, Meralie and I worked together to finalize her packing. The suitcase is stuffed! We need a professional packer! My sister needs to be here, she really knows what is and isn’t needed. Where are you Nancy!

This being the last day here at home, Meralie’s mom and dad want to spend some special time with her. They take her to a new movie and then out to dinner.

I spend some time with Casandra and Will… dinner where Max works… salad and a delicious dish of Eggplant Parmasean and spaghetti. We also go shopping at a huge Target.

I find some little odds and ends for projects that we both can do on and during our train travel across country. Of course, I already have several craft projects and other things for her to work with; a few extra items will be great to have. If there are other kids her age riding the train, they can join her to have a fun time playing games and working on crafts.

This is my last blog update before we board the train tomorrow morning around 9:15 AM. We plan to arrive at the Deerfield train station around 8:30 to 8:45 AM to head north to Washington, DC where we will board another train to take us to Chicago, IL and at this location we will board another train to take us to our final destination of Vancouver, WA.

We both are looking forward to a great trip and look forward to getting on the rails and on the way!

My blogging updates will continue and hopefully I will be able to access a WiFi connection periodically a long the way to have each published daily.

It is now 12:18 AM, Saturday, June 23… I’m off to get some shut-eye! See you on the next update… 🙂


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