My Traveling Updates #4

On Thursday, June 21, Meralie and I up late this morning, missed seeing Ms Elisabeth as she leaves early for her volunteer activities at Gumbo Limbo and other activities [I believe she was attending or helping with a conference or an eco event.]  I had written a note telling her that my granddaughter was with me, I had previously talked with her and got her ok. Elisabeth is a very kind host and had prepared a little breakfast for us. The cranberry bread and fresh fruit was perfect. Meralie and I enjoyed and sorry we were not up earlier so Meralie and host could meet.

Today Meralie and I worked together to lay out some clothes and things that she will pack for our trip. She’s washing and waiting for clean clothes from the dryer.

Enjoyed a swim in the pool about mid day—CaSandra, Will, Meralie & I.

Then we all went out for a late lunch together. Casandra, Max, Will, Adam, Courtney, Meralie and myself. After this we went next door to a pet store and played with some of the cute puppies. Actually was able to hold and play with one at a time… the store promotes this activity to allow for the animals to be socialized. Fun.

Adam and Courtney both not feeling well, so we went home after this and they had a rest. Then Adam took Meralie and me to a huge electronic store where we found a cover for Meralie’s tablet. I also found an inexpensive carry case for my little laptop–will make for an easier way to handle/carry the device. The device is little but has a little weight to it and is awkward to manage especially along with the other items I am handling during our travels.

Back at Elisabeth’s house… updating my day’s activities…

Tomorrow will be busy, as MM & I both need to be packed and ready for our departure early Saturday morning from the Deerfield Amtrak train station. The train is due to depart at 9:18 AM so we will be up early and plan to be at station 30 to 45 minutes before departure time.  HOPE WE ARE READY!  I’m sure we are plenty ready and so looking forward to our traveling adventure this summer!

Now after midnight and since it is 22nd of June, I need to get to bed to catch some sleep once again. I hope to get up early later this Friday morning.



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