My Traveling Updates #3

Comfortable quarters; helpful and friendly host; QUIET and SAFE neighborhood.

Posting After Midnight:

A busy day. Meralie and I visited a fabulous craft store today to check and to find craft items that we could use on our trip. We found a couple items. Stayed at home, MM & I discussed & started packing a few items to take on trip, books & reading plans, read aloud, craft plans, we worked together on her Journal/Scrapbook NOTEBOOK. Studied the route and places that we will be traveling over and through this coming week. Also, started first pages of book with a great idea from Meralie… We each wrote our thoughts about the upcoming trip: soon-to-start; various activities; crafts; books; food; bunks; site-seeing; history; snooze; grow; Washington, DC; Chicago; Cumberland Gap; Harper’s Ferry; train; scenery; coloring; movies; knit; sew; quilt; kumi; naps; USA; sleeper; White House; monuments; friends; Union Station; Metro; Vancouver, WA; ocean; Mt. St. Helen; Columbia Gorge; Sorry; and more……..  A collage of activities, places, events, and thoughts that may occur during our 2012 summer trip together. It will be a great trip.

MM is spending the night with me at Betsy’s. I need to get to bred now.

Updates to be continued…

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