My Traveling Updates #2

Posting June 20 from Betsy in Boca Raton, FL>>>
After a day(June 19) of flying from Portland, Oregon to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Adam and Meralie met me at the FLL airport. We drove to CaSandra’s where we had a bowl of soup made my Meralie. It was so tasty and hit the spot, absolutely delicious. I hope she will make it again when she is with us in Vancouver, WA.
I could not stay long with Adam, Courtney, and Meralie as I still had to find the home where I would be staying while in Florida. So after a quick bowl of yummy soup, Adam drove me to Betsy’s house.
Around 9:30pm, June 19, Adam and I arrived at Betsy’s house and I met my Airbnb host. She welcomed me to her home and showed me to my bedroom and bathroom. After Adam left to return home, Betsy and I sat for a short time to chat and get aquainted. Then we both headed for our bedrooms for a good night of sleep. I have a very comfortable bed, my own bathroom, access to patio and pool through a back sliding door.

June 20:
I had a very comfortable first night and was up around 7:30 am. It felt so good getting my morning shower. Ready for the day, had breakfast with Betsy (mango and blueberry muffin and coffee); we chatted lots, she gave me a key to her house and info to use wifi. Around 10am, took a very short nap and now updating my trip blog.
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
IT’s RAINING! Meralie says that usually the weather clears up in the afternoon, so we will be able to swim. I’m ready. Oh, BTW, Betsy’s pool is salt maintained or whatever it is called…NO CHLORINE. Will have to try it out, if we get a dry spell.
Leaving soon to drive over to be with Adam and family. Meralie and I need to start packing for our big train trip and just visit.
to be continued later…………………..


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