New Adventures

Up and got ready for the day, then starting to exit the house stopped as soon as I heard a thump and a yell of distress on the floor above.

Yep, hubby was in distress, he had dropped a full bottle (plastic, thank goodness) of orange juice –YES, sweet juice — and of course the lid flew off and juice went everywhere. UP, DOWN, and AROUND. It was on the side of counters, refrigerator, cabinet, under the cabinet and refrigerator, and of course the floor all the way from one side and into the dining room! Did I say it was a MESS! A Sticky Mess, at that. I decided to stay and help get the clean up started but then left hubby to do a more thorough cleanup!

Well, I did finally get out the door and first stopped to get a hot caramel latte before stopping at my sister’s to return her keys that she had left with me for safe keeping. After a short visit I left to spend another day at Fort Vancouver.

Recently I started volunteering in the costume department at the fort. I am sure I will be learning something new every day I help. There is lots to do and learn in various areas, sewing, knitting, repairing, cataloging, history, and more.

Not only will I be learning and helping, but I also will be able to help others in my skilled areas. Today for example, I helped someone with a knitting problem. She already knew how to knit, but needed a little help with a certain type cast on method — I was very happy to be able to help her.

What I learned today was exciting. Cataloging items that have been donated to the costume department was fun. Two of us worked together as we both were either new or a little rusty, so we both helped each other and learned a little more about the correct way to catalog different items.

Next, I am learning and actually making a pair of trousers! I’ve made pants before, but these trousers are specific for some period of history (don’t remember that specific time right now–will relearn that again later). They are made with buttons, not a zipper. These trousers are for someone who will be participating in activities that require wearing of costume.

A fun day and the time sure flew by. I am excited to return next Monday to continue working on the pants, to learn more, and to make or to repair something that will be useful and needed to meet the goal or purpose of the fort.


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