Gee, 2011 Fireworks! Let’s see what that is all about; oh, a 2011 report.

Interesting, oh my, what small sparks!  What is this! ??????

WOW! I see some exciting and a big fireworks occurring periodically.  

Oh, and now I notice the specific dates with big gaps of times missing.  Now a day with a BIG “W” and FIREWORKS! I believe I am piecing the picture together.  2011 – report – fireworks – fizzles – W’s – dates. 

Yep, I guess I did blog some. I really did try. The two terms “discouraging and encouraging” some to mind. I am a little discouraged that I did so poorly at meeting my blogging goals and of improving my writing skills. But at the same time, I am still here and there really has been a lot of distractions this past year. No excuses, I will improve.

The 2011 Fireworks report was a fun and interesting way to encourage me. It was a great motivation source to help me continue to blog and to try harder to find the time to actually post something, anything regularly. The report did not discourage me, it motivates me and challenges me.

At the present time, I have stopped to blog about the report and that I have been motivated once again.



2 thoughts on “WOW! FIREWORKS!”

  1. One of the things you could try to do, is to pick a particular topic and actual sit and write for 1-2 hours. Maybe even start by writing something on regular ole’ pen and paper. Then making the draft and copying it to the blog with more content around the particular topic!

    Just an idea or two. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Adron.
      Topic first… YES!
      Sit and write for 1-2 hours… great suggestion.
      Next best thing to pen and paper is using Notepad to put my thoughts in print; however, that usually only stays in draft form… I will work on this part!
      Thanks for the idea or two. 🙂

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