Starting the day!

too much, confusion, get something done — these words or phrases are packed full of thoughts, activities, time, things, and procrastination–what are my three main thoughts today so I can jot something a little meaningful or a little productive or ??? WORDS topics action goal thoughts… I need help in deciding what to write today… I want to set a goal that I can accomplish… I want to be able to see something completed by end of the day.

What do I NEED to do?            WHAT is on the CALENDAR?

TODAY; NEEDS; wants; Times; Calendar dates/activities this December…

WALK   EAT    WRITE   KNIT GIFTS     November 27th     stay at home   fix a good breakfast, cook the meat outside, work some outside in shed/little building; smile; DRINK WATER!  :-); WRITE a letter; PLAN Christmas decorations; plan bill paying date; plan & SHOP for Christmas gifts; WALK; WATER; Yes, I am starting to duplicate my thoughts, I need to get up and out for fresh air and to move my muscles. Then I will be able to clear my mind, set a goal, communicate my thankfulness, and start my action for the day***  WOW!  I actually believe I’ve started the day now…

THANKFULNESS should be my first thought and action of each day… I am so THANKFUL for a warm home, food, and my health. I am thankful for lots more… I will continue this after fixing and eating breakfast… my mind is just too foggy at the present time… tbc……………..


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