Visiting and Talking

Yesterday was a sunny dry day and I decided to get out of the house and to visit a local coffee shop that I enjoy. I called my sister and told her what I planned to do, so she said she’d meet me there. We met at the Latte da shop on 39th Street in Vancouver, WA and enjoyed a short little visit, talking, knitting (i.e. me), and trying the wifi with my new little laptop.

Today my sister invited hubby and I over to have lunch with her and dad. This is his weekly visit after stopping in to visit mother at Sophie’s place. Had a wonderful time talking (ha, do we ever not talk!) while eating a yummy tuna-noodle dish which she made for us. We finished the meal with pie and coffee afterward.

My goal today was and is to knit some on a sweater I am making for my granddaughter. I have yet to get started on that; so believe after I jot these few lines in my blog I will get the project, sit and knit. I am working on the right front side and have it almost done, next is the left front side. After that I will need to make the 2 sleeves and then sew it together! It is a quick knit [supposedly], but I’ve not been focusing on it. Maybe I can finish this week at home and also during the train trip to Seattle we plan to make on Thursday.

I am thankful for my sister and being able to met with her, to talk and discuss anything that pops up in our thoughts. I am thankful for my dad that he is still able to get out and about on his own. I am thankful for myself being able to have a hobby–it is so much fun making things with yarn.

Now I am ready to knit on that project I mentioned above. Maybe soon I will have it completed and will add a picture of the finished sweater/shrug. I sure hope I finish soon and that it fits my granddaughter!


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