Many Many things, events, and … to think to plan to dream to do to see to visit to learn… so much that I want to do or consider or accomplish… write Vicki write…

Goal to write a few lines on 1 only idea or goal or whatever…

1.  VARIETY — Yes, variety is a good word to describe me, myself and I at this time of day or week. I have so many things I want and need to do, to think about, and to accomplish.

Daily, I plan to set ONE goal to accomplish or work on during that one day. To be thankful for the ability to do this is something I want to remember always. So I will start each day with something I am thankful for, following with a daily goal and action.

I am so very THANKFUL for being able to think and to be able to accomplish a set goal.

My goal today is to blog and to be happy with accomplishing one thing on my “Many Things” list.


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