My Finished OPAL SOCKS

I love my opal socks… the yarn, the feel, the colors and the fit are perfect! I’m ready to make another pair but will decide on a different style, design, color and yarn.
I took a long time to finish this pair of socks as I started and finished other projects during the same period. I have found that I love having several different knitting projects on the needles ready to knit at any time I might choose, in other words a “WIP” (work-in-progress). This way I am able to pick up a different project when I tire of one. Because each project is so different in a variety of ways (types of yarn, needle sizes, pattern and design instructions, and more) this provides me with lots of enjoyment and relaxation opportunities!

Today I have a choice of three work-in-progress knitting projects that I have just recently started or cast on. One is a sweater/shrug for my granddaughter, the yarn is a bulky acrylic which should be a quick knit–hope to finish soon! Second, I have started a cabled scarf and look forward to seeing the variegated yarn progression of color. It is blue/white/mint green and hopefully it will give a waterfall effect to the reversible cables. The third project is doll-sized socks for an American Girl doll using leftover sock yarn from my Opal socks I just finished.

A quick note and now I am posting so I can start knitting once again!

Believe my next sock color will be either blues or browns or gray/black as I already have sock yarn stash in each of those colors. Still need to decide the pattern/design, so that is yet to be decided.

Happy Knitting!



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