Starting with a Mess for a Result to be Enjoyed!

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There will be a mess in the kitchen today!

A new counter top with a new stainless steel sink and a two-handle faucet are to be installed today. I am so excited to have this project started and hopefully completed by the end of the day.

I am very excited and at the same time so worried about what may go wrong. Sure hope the template was done correctly and that all the little curves are in the right places. The height of the counter top is to be raised to allow for the overhang so the dishwasher door can still open! Another concern is there enough depth for the sink + faucet + the back splash! What else can I think of that most likely will be no problem for the installer. Let’s get started so I won’t sit here and worry!

WOW! the door bell just rang and it is the installer Chris.

Chris starts before 10am… now 10:56 and moving along very nicely>>>I will snap pictures as progress develops to show old counter tops, old falling apart-sink and the actual finished results. He finished his part around 1:30pm and now I wait once again; this time it is the plumbers time to install faucet and reconnect the dishwasher.

He has arrived around 4:30pm, sure is a late day for him! He’s started and is hard at work getting everything connected and installed. Can’t wait to see and actually be able to use our new faucet. I might enjoy washing pans tonight as the faucet is higher and the sink is deeper so there will be more room to move the pans.

Opps! The first BIG roadblock has developed. Faucet is installed, looks fantastic, however, something is wrong with dishwasher air vent. Puzzling as it is taking a while to try to figure it out, it is now 6:54pm. Still no solution at this time and he working hard to figure it out.

We did not have a big problem before, but because of a Washington state coding requirement, an ‘Air Gap’ had to be installed. This causes dishwasher water to be sent out through the device onto the counter top… had to make some adjustment here. The air gap just does not do what it is intended to do and we assume it is because of age of houses!

END OF DAY.. a mess started and continued throughout the day, but so nice to have a new bright counter top with nice edges that are smooth and pleasant looking. The stainless steel sink with it’s deep two 9-inch bowls are so roomy, with space for rinsing and washing foods and dishes and especially those big pots and pans with ease. A treat and a pleasure to have such room. With the height of the faucet and the deeper sinks we will have plenty of room for big items such as pots and pans. The new brushed stainless steel faucet has two handles for each the hot water and the cold water along with a working firm-feeling sprayer.

The mess is gone and the result is absolutely beautiful and ready to be enjoyed!


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