Out and About! Alpacas, beautiful scenery, train station, and coffee shop!


AF and I started out driving from Vancouver, WA to visit the White Oak Alpaca Farm in Woodland!  The scenery was absolutely beautiful riding along the Lewis River and seeing all the greenery and mountain in the distance.

At the farm we could watch the many Alpacas (60) that were roaming about in the different pens. They all seemed to be so inquisitive! Fun watching them running and frolicking about amongst themselves. When setting up to take a picture you better be QUICK—because as soon as you are ready to snap the button they are off and running!

The owner gave us a little tour and explained the behavior and antics of the alpaca. Very interesting…will make for more blogging when I have more time.

Along with seeing and watching the animals, there were many bags of wool (coats) from this year’s shearing (white, black, brown, gray and various shade of each) that we could touch and view and purchase. Different yarns ready for a knitting project were waiting to by bought, also. Guess what! I bought MORE YARN! Now will be starting another project and will have a picture of the animal that the wool actually came from. Neat!

This was a day that other spinners were also visiting the farm and several were actually sitting and spinning. WOW! there is so much to learn about alpacas and other fiber producing animals, wool, yarns, spinning and so much more.

We stopped at the “Oak Tree Restaurant” to have a little lunch before heading back to Vancouver. Nice place and we plan to return again, love the little gift shop.

We then continued to the Amtrak train station to pick up my tickets for a cross country trip which I will start this coming Thursday. I’m as excited as a little kid getting a new toy! I will be traveling to Louisiana and Mississippi to attend our granddaughter’s yearly dance recital. Then she and I will fly back to Portland so she can spend part of her summer vacation with her grandma and grandpa here in the Northwest.

Next, we stopped at a coffee shop for a latte, snack, some chat time, and my favorite activity–KNITTING!

Finally, we arrived back home to rest up after our “Out and About!” adventures of the day!

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