Adding Beads to Lace Knitting – a first!

I’ve done it!

I took a class to learn how to add beads to a knitting project and to find pointers about how to knit lace.  It was a fun class and very very informative.  I also learned and practiced adding ‘life-lines’ to my knitting.

Life-lines are great to prevent having to start a project over from the beginning.  If I made a mistake, I would only have to pull out stitches back only as far as where the life-line was placed.  A pattern section consisted of 16 rows, so a life-line would be placed at row one (not every 16 rows but as often as I felt I wanted to feel comfortable).  Luckily, I never had to rip back (probably should have a couple times, but decided the mistake was too small to see!).

It was fun to learn how to read knitting directions from a chart.  I had to go very slowly as there were many things to remember with each row, especially since this was my first time.  Reading chart rows is done from right to left and then left to row depending on what row is being knitted, right side or wrong side.  A list of various techniques that I learned to read and also either learned or practiced while knitting the scarf follows: knit, purl, yarn overs, double yarn overs, knit together, slipping stitches, left or right slanting decreases with either 2 or 3 stitches, pass stitches over other stitches, and an especially weird decrease stitch was the “crazy seven” which is what the designer called it.  That was a decrease from 7 stitches to one by slip next 3 stitches each as if to purl and then knit all together and then knit together the next 4 stitches, and  then slip the 3-stitch decrease over the 4-stitch decrease, and finally adding a bead on the finished decrease stitch!  Hope you can understand that one!!!  It was crazy, but it was a fun stitch.  Knitting over the double yarn overs when returning on the following row was another learning technique.  On that return row you have to knit one and purl the other yarn over or purl first and knit second whatever turns out to be needed.

The fact is I have finished the knitting but now the blocking is yet to be accomplished.  This will be my first time to block anything and already I have been offered help.  One very helpful person on has a fantastic write up with great pictures (here’s the link: Skylark at ).  Another friend has offered her wires so I can block my scarf.

Here is a couple pictures taken while knitting, and when finished, will add another picture once I finish the blocking.

Thank you Sivia Harding for the great class and the Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf pattern, it was great fun.


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