NOTES and GOALS as of 28th of February

HEALTH:  exercise more!!! I actually have done exactly that this past weekend. I purchased a pedometer and have been walking since I figured out how to use it (walked more than I usually do during the last three days!). I look forward to uploading my daily walking progress to the computer to see chart of what I have accomplished. This new pedometer has a program to do just that and I am anxious to download or add to PC.  Hubby to have his second heart catheter ablation procedure on March 10, he’s got a good doctor so we are comfortable with having it done, but anxious waiting!

HOBBY:  I finished a pair of legwarmers for my granddaughter, guess I could call that a finished UFO since I’d planned to make them for the past several months! I have started a NEW project PLUS learning new knitting skills — learning to knit different lace stitches and adding beads to a knitted scarf. It’s a fun scarf to knit, can’t wait to get it finished.  keep knitting and quilting… Portland Yarn Crawl coming up this coming weekend, March 4-6.

HOME:  TOO COLD TO WORK IN THE YARD… We are planning to get an estimate for kitchen countertop, new sink, and faucet. I hope it is not too much over what I am guessing the price to be, as I sure would like new counter-top before adding a new sink and a much needed faucet replacement. Will see later in March… long time to wait!

TRAVEL:  Mississippi trip was fantastic, even though it was colder and wetter there than here in Washington at the time we were visiting our son. Now it is in the 70’s in MS and LOTS COLDER here in the Northwest! Hope to get to Seattle one of these days soon, haven’t seen other son in a while.

QUOTES and Verses:  I like and want to start adding ones I like and find interesting, helpful, optimistic, and more…

more later but for now will get off the computer…!! 🙂


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