I’m starting a new knitting project!

WOW! I have many many UFO’s but I am starting a new knitting project this week!

The Ft Vancouver Knitting Guild offered a class by Sivia Harding, a designer and instructor of knitting lace with beads. I just could not pass it up. I saw many of her shawls or scarves and each were beautiful. The class was yesterday with 25 or 27 attendees all seriously listening, learning, practicing, and getting started on their individual scarf.

I have started mine, also; I am ready to knit everyday until I finish. The pattern is called Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf and I am using a light blue Nordic Light wool yarn and muted blue seed beads.

I did have a few unsuccessful starts as I would start and do a few rows and or stitches to find out I had to restart due to some mistake! FUN LEARNING, though. I had to learn and practice making yarn-overs (YO) correctly–single ones and double ones; had to learn to either knit and/or purl on the following row so not to loose the YO’s from previous row; had to learn the three different sections of the scarf so I could follow the instructions. I know there were some other things I had to learn or at least practice but cannot think of each at this time. Oh yes, reading a chart vs reading sentences to follow knitting directions is a new learning experience; this is easy but also difficult. Reading from right to left for one row of directions and for one side of material, right side. Then for the next row or wrong side read from left to right. It is easy but I have to go slow to consider various aspects of what I am doing.

As I progress, I will attempt to write more about this new knitting adventure.  So far it is fun, exciting, and so enjoyable to be doing this project along with several others trying for the first time. Actually, some knitters may have some lace knitting experience but each new pattern does have something for the knitter to learn. I am learning lots as I get started.

Happy Knitting!


5 thoughts on “I’m starting a new knitting project!”

  1. I too took the lace class but I am not as successful. I have yet to get very far past the setup rows, then have to rip it. I am thinking lace not for me. Maybe I am careless? I am willing to try it one more time. I found a Sivia free pattern for a lace bookmark on her website. If I can make it I will attempt the shawl one more time. it was a great day, great lunch with Sivia and the fun company of all the students. Linda

    1. You are right… UFO and UFO… two meanings here! Unidentified Flying Objects are UFO’s.
      However, sewers, knitters, crafters, and anyone with many projects and ideas tend to get several projects started and then those become uncompleted when we think of new ideas and start more, so we speak of them as UFO’s our UnFinished Object.

    1. to ‘mummylovestea’ love your blog, will read more… I’m enjoying knitting on my Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf even though it does not work up as quick as the one you did. Think I’ll make one like yours the next time and also use bulky yarn–that will be fun to progress quickly! I’ll have a cup of tea and biscuit now and hope you have a lovely day.

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