What is in my plans for this new week?

The picture I have added here is one made by my mother in the early ’40s when she was attending college in Pittsburgh, PA. She loved college but was not able to continue due to family issues and being needed back home.
Just thinking of things to do this coming week. Lots I would like to do… blog [believe I am doing that at the present time, may be the only time this week! :-)]
Meet some of my goals:
*make travel plans for summer;
*KNIT–I WILL FINISH the pair of legwarmers that I am making for my granddaughter AND I WILL get them in the mail to her;
*WALK 3 or more times… #1 will be as soon as I finish this blog even if I don’t complete everything that I want to blog about!
*DO NOT MULTI-TASK too much — I CAN GET MORE DONE if I allow a specific period of time to work one project at a time.
*WELL, guess what?! I feel like my mind is multi-tasking so will stop for now and WALK… and hopefully that will clear my  thoughts to be able to actually blog and get other things accomplished!
Have a wonderful day to all!
I’m headed off to WALK… cold day, but the SUN IS OUT!


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