SEWING Memories + Who taught me to sew?

My mother taught me to sew. She let me use the machine to make doll clothes and then helped me with various 4-H sewing projects. In high school, I took Home EC so probably learned a lot there but only remember that my mother taught me so much. Both my grandmothers quilted but I never was around them to learn or practice, so I didn’t learn quilting till about 8 years ago, and I’m still so very new at it, as I’ve only made a couple quilts.
I remember one specific summer 4-H project. I decided to make pajamas and mom helped me design my own.  It was blue and white, bottoms were basic shorts (just made bigger than shorts to allow for ease of wear).  The top was the special part.  I gathered strips of materiel blue and white which were pieced together horizontally.  I didn’t do a great job describing it, but what I do remember I liked the results.  After modeling at a style show (which I did not realize was a judging event!!) won first place in sewing and design!  I was so relaxed modeling the outfit, but might not have been if I had known I was being judged for presentation along with my sewing abilities. WOW, it was a happy and exciting time.

3 thoughts on “SEWING Memories + Who taught me to sew?”

    1. WHAT IS HOME EC? Home economics is the study of homemaking and the relation of the home to the community–a domestic science.
      In the early days, Home Ec covered a variety of areas such as problems of food (nutrition and cookery), clothing, sewing, textiles, household equipment, housecleaning, housing, hygiene, and household economics, but later included family relations, parental education, consumer education, and institutional management. …


      See S. Schuler and E. M. Schuler, The Householders’ Encyclopedia (1973); M. B. Tate, Home Economics As a Profession (2d ed. 1973).

      Read more:

  1. In Texas we all had to take Home Ec from 8th Grade onward. I learned to sew in class. My Mom did not have the patience.I did make doll clothes with her help but not on the machine. they were hand sewed with cut holes for the arms. Pretty hokey! I still have my doll and the clothes I made. My favorite doll outfit is a little coat my Grandmother made out of Grandfathers pant leg.I still have it. I made all my own clothes from high school way past college. In those days you could make a cheap dress for a party tonight. Liinda

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