my ramblings once again… I have finished my green socks and such a wonderful feeling to have them completed! It took hardly any time to finish the first sock, but put the second one down so many times due to loads of activities around Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years. The pair is done now, have been worn, and washed for the first time. Now I look forward to checking for any possible (hopefully none) shrinkage. Wool does funny things if you don’t take care when washing and drying; however, the yarn was labeled washable! We will see and hope for the best. I do want to wear them again, 🙂

Stouffer’s Lasagna tonight for supper! Need to make a salad so will not spend much time on my ramblings.

Wondering what I have finished in the last few weeks???

  1. changed office and guest room… now am enjoying the new area for office needs and a bed in the upstairs extra room for company or a nap during the day!
  2. finished green socks — yea, now I can start a new pair!

GOALS for next few weeks:

  • KNITTING project #1:  socks for Meralie
  • KNITTING project #2:  a funny hat for Meralie (she may or may not want to wear on “Hat day” during her school week). If I get the hat done in quick time, I also plan to make a matching one for her dad. He loves to fish and Meralie has gone fishing with him so thought this knitted hat would be fun to make and give them. I will post picture when I finish one or both!
  • QUILTING:  Make a little doll quilt kit to take with me on our upcoming travel to visit granddaughter.  This will be the first time to piece together a quilt by hand. Good to start small, it might get done sooner than later!  I hope Meralie will be interested in learning and helping to make this quilt for her dolls.

Running out of thoughts—will continue to ramble at a later time…


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