7:57 PM 1/4/2011     my ramblings… just let me sit and ramble… whatever comes to my mind!… 🙂
Wow!  Just made a salad and a tasty Shepherd’s Pie !  It was so tasty.  The dishes, pots and pans along with the mess I created are cleaned, dried and put away–no mess now!  I was able to get the kitchen cleared of messiness before the casserole finished baking!  Hubby helped a lot by drying the big pans.  It’s such a great feeling to have a good meal and then to be able to get out of the kitchen to do other things.

THINGS… yes, like my hobbies… oh yes, I have time to sit and KNIT and may even start rearranging a small room in basement (along side my sewing room) to convert into our office. Want to convert the up-stair’s office into a small guest room. I am always thinking of better ways to use space that will not cost an arm and a leg!  So I’ve been thinking of this new arrangement and now ready to start.


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