Happy New Year… I told myself I would blog, journal, or write fairly often so thought I’d start something here at the beginning of the new YEAR — 2011!
I’m a little slow on thinking of a topic and sticking to it to get something written. Hopefully, I will improve after writing daily or weekly. I think I should make a goal for myself…one that I might be able to keep… I’d like to blog daily, but realistically I do not think I’d be able to pull that off. My goal will be to write at least once a week and definitely 4 times a month!
The next thought for me is to pick a TOPIC and stay with it… that’s another area that might be a little hard for me, as I am always thinking ahead and wanting to write more whenever I haven’t even finished or completed one thought. Maybe that is wondering, whatever it gets me in trouble and I can’t seem to keep on the subject. Topics… hobbies, health, family, friends, traveling, home, news, clubs, clubs… I really should not have a problem in this area!!!
Ramblings… I may ramble but periodically I hope to make some sense. He He! Maybe this is what I need to do until I get in a routine of blogging. If I ramble on and on, maybe I will be able to find the right topic to discuss. Maybe I can even explain something…teach someone how to do something… Maybe I will discover something new… I will also try to write at beginning of the day when I am not so tired from being up all day, which is my state-of-affair at present time. 🙂

ONCE A WEEK — Pick a TOPIC — Ramble to get more ideas — WRITE in early part of day
Here’s another start for me… to be continued…vh



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