BLOG writing for the first time–does this really work?

*Wow, I am finally attempting my first blog! My mind is full of many thoughts, a VARIETY of thoughts, and I want to make a note about each. I know I will only jot a few before I become overwhelmed with thoughts, interests, and things to do. I believe that is the reason that I always come up with the “VarietyPlus” theme.
*I am a retired RN, have two adult sons and a lovely granddaughter, love my hobbies of knitting, sewing, quilting, crafting, and being with friends and family. I need to WALK more, SWIM more, and EAT less! I’m also always rearranging furniture at home! I think I like CHANGE!
*I have had cats and dogs in the past and love them, but at present do not have either. Would love to help or walk a small/medium sized dog to help someone who is unable to do so.and would like the help (I will work on this project).
*My favorite season of the year is FALL.
*My favorite holiday is Christmas — love all the lights and colors.
*My favorite transportation mode is TRAIN.
*Hobbies: knitting, quilting, sewing, scrap-booking.
*My needs: to become more ORGANIZED! to loose WEIGHT! to EXERCISE regularly! to learn something NEW every month or whenever the opportunity occurs.
*Wish everyone a wonderful day! a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2011!


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